About Us


About Us: At Bluff City Management, LLC. we are staffed by a highly skilled team that understands the dynamics of your local real estate market. Our staff will communicate with you throughout the process so you can make an informed decision about your investment property or in renting you a quality home.

About Us



Our agents work hard to build lasting relationships with each and every client, and to help maximize the return on your investment property or to help you find the rental home that suites your needs and tastes.


Bluff City Management, LLC is dedicated to the provision of superior property management in Memphis, TN. Our service is tailored towards the realization of investment growth under the stewardship of a highly skilled team. We possess an in-depth understanding of the ever dynamic local real estate market and are always adjusting our strategies to meet emerging challenges.



Memphis Property Management Company

We work hard to optimize profits for your investment property, whether residential or commercial. Our strategy aims at improving revenue collection and client’s welfare at minimal costs. We report only to you and serve your core interests all through the process.


We uphold the highest levels of integrity, transparency, and accountability when serving you. That is why we maintain open-ended communication channels, informing you about every operation or process we execute in the management of your property.


Expect nothing short of professionalism and quality when it comes to property maintenance, tenant management, and the collection of rent. We employ advanced communication and reporting technology to ensure timely access to information on your investment, which allows for prompt strategic responses.


Our team has the commitment to serve your interests in the long-term and contribute significantly to the growth of your property investments. We are constantly carrying out rental valuations and ascertaining that your property goes to the best use for maximum profits. We offer you tips on how expand your investment property portfolio.


Our agents are eager to help you find your next home at affordable rental fees. We can take you to the neighborhoods and rental properties that meet your lifestyle criteria, and strive to make your living as comfortable as practically possible.


Talk to us at Bluff City Management, LLC for help managing your real estate business. Whether it is a small or big investment portfolio, we have skilled personnel and vigor to deliver positive results.